Investing in the soil and waiting for the fruits with patience. It must have been this idea that persuaded Assicurazioni Generali Group to acquire the first agrarian property in 1851. Other properties were added later, creating an agricultural heritage more and more prosperous, caracterized by ambitious land reclamation systems, specialized vineyards and orchards, large rationalised livestock breedings, mechanization of farming operations, and finally processing and marketing.

This path led to the creation of Genagricola SpA in 1974: actually the Group includes 27 highly specialized farms, where the land is the heart. A heritage of more than 9,000 hectares in Italy and 4,000 abroad dedicated to the cultivation, processing and marketing of agricultural and breeding products.

Today Genagricola includes highly specialised farms, flexible to changing markets and very integrated. They create added value in the agricultural products process from production to processing and marketing.
Among the areas in which it operates, the most interesting are: vineyards, orchards, field crops, seeds and pet food, livestock breeding and forestry.

The choices of Genagricola, in a free and open market, are directed to the improvement of production, especially in terms of quality, and to the affirmation of products and registered trademarks.