Dom LogoDOM Sementi division, with sales office in Verona, operates in gardening and hobby garden area of the modern retail market. Dom Sementi is present in the market with six seeds brands, called: Dom, Orto Facile, Orto Ricco, Bio Dom, Valverde, Ars Agricola.

In addiction to seed, Dom Sementi offer includes:

  • Lawns – available in many sizes from 200 grams to 5 kilos
  • Flower Bulbs – Autumn and Spring bulbs in various sizes and different displays
  • Liquid fertilizers – universal, biological and specific in various sizes from 250 ml to 1000 ml
  • Granular fertilizers – universal, biological and specific in various sizes from 1 pound to 5 pounds
  • Insecticides and products for plant care – universal and biological
  • Sanificators – for mice, ants, dogs, cats, pigeons
  • Garden tools

Besides the undisputed quality of the products, one of the strengths that makes Dom SEMENTI a market leader is definitely the rigorous and prompt service of the merchandising organization, spread throughout the country, visiting retail outlets and supplying constantly their shelves.

Since 2004 Dom Sementi is the exclusive distributor of Baysol products and Racumin. In these six years the volumes of this important brand grew significantly thanks to the synergies brought by the two partners who are leaders in their respective fields.

The main offer is divided into products for:

  • Nutrition – universal and specific fertilizers in 500 and 1000ml packs
  • Protection – insecticides, fungicides, acaricides
  • Care and prevention – foliar polish and systemic insecticide barrier
  • Rodenticides and against ants – bait and dust