The SDD group

The SDD was founded in 2002 by the merger of two companies belonging to Genagricola, an holding of the Assicurazioni Generali Group: SEMENTI DOTTO E DOM SEMENTI. The core business of both companies are the seed products, but in recent decades have also had significant importance other gardening products and small pets.

Today, the two main brands which distinguish the companies are the names of the two sales divisions which historically have two different vocations: Dotto works in the specialized market of the supply of vegetable seeds and flower (trademarks Dotto, Harvest, Orto Biologico, Corona, Optimum, Bonus) while DOM, since its inception (1968), is present in the modern retail market occupying a leadership role in seed companies and in whole gardening sector.

The organization and the distribution network support are the essential elements to meet increasingly demanding customers. Thanks to the level of service provided, SDD Spa is a leader in the field of supply of vegetable and flower seeds and pet-food.

The production site of all products marketed by the two divisions is located next to Udine in a complex of 24,000 square meters.

With the support and attention of Genagricola GROUP and recent investments to improve its organization, SDD SpA enter the market as a reliable partner and growth-oriented, interested in creating synergies for lasting relationship and quality of results .